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Web summit 2019 – international institutions and government organizations hand in hand with innovative startups

Web summit – the most prominent technology conference on the planet closed the edition 2019 with record numbers. Let's see some details: more than 70 K attendees from over 160 countries 1206 speakers, composed by EU representatives, leaders of various countries, ambassadors, CEOs, and CTOs of the biggest tech companies and celebrities (American actor and director Ian Somerhalder, sports champions Wladimir Klitschko and Ronaldinho, among others), came to share their views, opinions or to introduce new missions. 2150 startups – Alfa, Beta, and also fast-growing companies had the opportunity to explain their ideas, participate at workshops, meet investors, or to choose from around 8500 developers to make their dreams work. Over 1200 investors from every corner of the world came in search of new solutions, original and innovative ideas, potential partnerships, and to be part of absolutely unique networking. All this business ecosystem lived under the eyes of more than ... Read More

Web Summit 2017, Video Reportage from the Most Important Tech Conference in the World

To become the biggest technological event in the world! With this ambition the 2017 Web Summit held in Lisbon has opened its doors to more than 60.000 attendees from 170 countries. They joined the summit to promote their new start ups, to find new ideas, to invest, to get inspired and to network. The Nobel prize laureate and former vice president of the United States of America Al Gore, the former French president François Hollande, the United Nations Secretary-general António Guterres came to share their support to the world of the innovation. Participants were even greeted from space by a message from the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli and were launched into the future by the amazing speech of the human robot Sofia! 1200 – the number of starry prestigious speakers! Nevertheless, the power of the Web Summit was not only in the presence of world famous people but also in ... Read More

Interview with fresh Startups from the Web summit 2016 in Lisbon

Discover the disruptive ideas of the new Startups from the Web summit 2016 Read More

In Conversation with Contemporary Web Startups at the Web Summit

For the second year running, our Euspert team decided to take part in the Web Summit in Dublin, a unique event that connects virtual businesses from all over the world. This time, we wanted to discover not only who the new interesting players in the world of startups are, but also to find out if and how they are supported by their countries. We spoke to representatives from several countries, but our main goal was to learn about the real-world experiences of real companies. Since an important slice of Euspert's focus is the world of work, we also wanted to know how new startups are dealing with work processes. Let's see how the challenges of being a new startup have been faced by businesses from the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Slovakia, the UK and more. #1 BimBimBikes Bike Rental Platform – When a hobby becomes a life’s business #2 Handiscover ... Read More

Handiscover, accommodation-booking website dedicated to people with physical disabilities

This article is part of In Conversation with Contemporary Web Startups at the Web Summit Handiscover is a groundbreaking community-based holiday accommodation-booking website dedicated to people with physical disabilities. We asked its founder Sebastien Archambeaud for more information about his project and expectations, and to share his experience regarding the support offered by Sweden, where his business is located, toward new startups. Sebastien is an entrepreneur who holds an Msc in Engineering from UTC in France. He has worked in FMCG at international companies like L’Oréal, where he was European marketing director, and Unilever, where he was business manager and marketing director. He is also the former CEO of MrBid, now known as Tradera (eBay Sweden). I wondered what motivated a person with such a strong professional background to build his own startup. The impulses that drove Sebastien to set up this kind of business were the terrible muscular disease ... Read More

Planning to expand to the UK? Join the GREAT Competition to win a tailored incubation program

Web Summit is a unique event with a huge networking potential for startups, where a strong will of investors to be a part of new business ideas can be seen. The conference is also hosting several national and international government organizations, that want to show their full support to entrepreneurship in several ways. The Contest GREAT Competition launched by Colt, supported by UK Department for International Trade, and addressed to the start ups of Portugal, the hosting country of Web Summit, is one of those ways. Well, if you are a Portuguese start-up you can get your dreams off the ground with a four-month period of incubation in the UK. The GREAT Competition organized by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and COLT Technology Services on occasion of the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, the largest technology conference on the planet, could provide you with this and much more. Interested? ... Read More