9 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

In recent times, every student is equipped with gadgets that are innovative, and thus apps are a key issue. These mobile apps are not just for entertainment; they can be very educational platforms too. These platforms provided by both Android and Apple can be informative thus boosting the performance of the students in and out of school. Research has shown that there are an estimated 2.8 million apps available on Google Play Store alone. With data like this, you should not be missing out.

If you are wondering what these apps are, then here is just the list for you!


Get your any.do app on your mobile device

This app is used for task organization by millions of people across the globe. This can be the perfect app for students who wish to come up with a to-do list. This app can be synchronized across multiple devices thus accessible anywhere.

The app offers you a unique opportunity to tick off completed tasks as well as change their priorities. You also don’t always have to type in the list; you can simply use your voice for the instructions. Hence you can prepare your list even when doing your chores!

Add the app to your home screen, and you will never forget to accomplish a task.


Mailbox app will quickly sort out your emails

Have you ever had challenges in controlling your inbox in your email? There is a solution for this. The Mailbox app has features that will easily organize your inbox to make it more efficient.

In the case of cleaning up the inbox, you can use a command that will ensure your inbox stays clean by archiving read emails and setting up reminders for important emails.


Use Dropbox to store your files safely

a student involves getting a lot of notes on email. Have you often lost your coursework or notes? We have a solution for this! Dropbox is an app that enables you to upload files, be they videos, documents or even images into a cloud from which you can easily access at any time with access to the internet.




Sort out your newsfeed

As a student, you always want to be on top of things. You may have subscribed to news channels and online newsfeeds, among others to catch up with the latest news. But because of your busy schedule and tight deadlines, you may have been finding this very difficult.

However, feed.ly provides a great solution. This app enables you to compile all the news into one feed. All you have to do is check the news that you want to get, and you will receive notifications when interesting ones appear. Yes! It’s that easy.


Get a library on your device

This is one big library. I bet you know the struggle of finding articles, book and other relevant documents about your coursework. Well, this app has simplified the work for you. You can find all this information under one roof. All the information had been organized according to the topic, so it’s easier to find.

The app will also generate a history for you from your most viewed topics, and you can easily share this with your colleagues and friends.


Get this app to make book writing easier for you

If you are that student who studies literature and constantly writes papers, then this is the app for you. CliffsNotes provides you with information on plot, summaries, characters, and themes of books. It also has an audio edition that makes it more convenient especially during the busy period of the semester.


Solve your Math problems easily with an app

Math assignments can be very challenging at times. The best way to hack this is through this app. Mathway is a mobile app that will give you guides at every step for all your math questions, be it algebra or geometry. All that is needed is quite simple. You just need to make an input of tasks, and the app will solve it for you. You can take a photo of the problem or type it and Mathway will solve it for you.

iTunes U

You can do all your educational courses from this app

If you use Apple devices, then we have good news for you. This app is your gateway to educational success as it provides you with courses from leading universities at no cost at all. Excited? Then get the app. All that is required is to download it to your device and learn.




Have your essays proofread by an expert!

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Technology has made student life so much easier. You have to take advantage of this by installing applications that will enable you to achieve cusses in the course of your studies. Get your app today.

Would you like to share your experience with your app? Feel free to leave a comment.