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The Main Differences in Writing a Resume and Cover Letter in the US and EU

Maybe you’re a professional wanting to try something new and find a job somewhere outside your country. Or maybe you’re a fresh graduate looking for a job or a person willing to improve their resume and cover letter writing skills. It might sound surprising but you’ll need to know the difference between the US and EU resume and cover letter writing either way. In the first case, it’ll help you target your resume to the right audience. In the second one, it will allow you to understand what articles to pay attention to. After all, you wouldn’t want to use tips that work for the EU but don’t work for the US if you’re looking for a job in the US. The job vacancy rate in the euro area (EA-19) was 1.9% in the second quarter of this year, according to the recent data. So it’s no wonder that you ...

The Best Cities in the UK to Live and Work

Many people planning to live and work in the UK dream of a life in London. While the metropolitan capital offers a wealth of job opportunities and cultural attractions, it’s far from the only option. In fact, London ranks just 36th out of 39 UK cities in the 2016 Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index. These findings are important as the factors measured in the report include job security, average salary, work-life balance, affordable housing, and quality of transportation. With these factors in mind, what cities should you consider before you make the big move to the UK? 1. Reading/Bracknell Topping the Good Growth for Cities Index, Reading/Bracknell is an excellent location for UK jobseekers. Situated just 30 miles west of central London, Reading and Bracknell are actually two large neighbouring towns with a combined population of approximately 300,000. Reading’s average salary of £32,292 is the third-highest in the country, according to ...