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1 In accordance with the Directive of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/58 / EC on privacy and electronic communications we would like to explain the purpose of cookies and information that are stored in the device (PC, tablet, mobile phone, …) used while surfing the web portal.

2 To be able to use all functions and services on our web portal, your device must allow cookies. By using cookies we try to understand the effect of the appearance of our portal and other elements displayed. By using the Website you agree with the using of cookies as described in these our rules on cookies.

3 What does cookies mean. If you use our web portal, we store certain information about your device as files known as Cookies. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your device when you use the Website. The website may load these cookies from your internet browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) every time you use the webpage, so they’ll be able to recognize and remember your preferences and settings. Cookies are very useful and are commonly used by almost every internet site.

4 Technical cookies. These cookies are necessary to help you to use the features and services that we offer on our portal. Without these cookies the services that you would like to use, can not be granted. These cookies do not collect information about you that could be used to identify you, nor control it and can not remember your movement on the Website. The site uses technical cookies that enable e.g. to save and manage the login and navigation choices made, the internal research carried out (in order to be able to scroll through the next pages maintaining the same search results and present appropriate internal), cookie management of banners ‘brief information related to cookies themselves.

Euspert, does not use cookies to serve advertising profiling targeted (who could be the third party, as the following paragraphs).

5 In addition to the cookies set by us, we may use certain services (of third parties), which set their own cookies. Although when we audit types of cookies that are used on our website, it is possible that the services we use, may be changing the names of their cookies and their purpose. Some services, especially social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are changing their cookies regularly. Although we are interested in providing you with the correct information, we may not be able to reflect these changes immediately in our Cookie rules .

6 Manage cookies. Most web browsers allow you delete cookies from your machine, block all cookies (or only third-party cookies), or alert you before a cookie is stored on your device. In the case that you choose to block all cookies, our web portal will not be able to work as intended, and you’ll not use or access many of the features it provides. To take full advantage of the services and features provided on our web portal cookies must be allowed on your browser. It is also possible to block just third-party cookies, that should not substantially effect the quality of the portal features used.

7 The Web site uses Google Analytics. It is a web analytics service provided by Google that uses cookies that are stored on the user’s computer to allow statistical analysis in aggregate form in order to website visited. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google so ‘as shown in the Statement available at the following link:

8 Social Network. The Social buttons are those particular buttons on the site depicting icons of social networks (especially LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and allow users browsing to interact with one click directly with social networks. Shows the link where the user can ‘look at the privacy on the management of data by the Social which buttons postpone:,,

9 The site may use Add This, allowing you to add and make the management of buttons on some social networks to allow users to share content on various social platforms. And ‘you can refer to the privacy statement addressed to Members who use the AddThis Sharing Button button at the following link: – To cancel:

10 The site uses Disqus for comments service. For detailed information please refer to this link:

11 There are available on the website the widgets that push content to Indeed. And indeed ‘a third party that uses cookies.

12 Some third-party services may use cookies profiling. Criteo and Google are Advertising Companies. More information about these cookies are:

13 the user can configure, freely and at any time, its parameters of privacy in connection with the installation of cookies through their browser. Disabling the third-party cookies and ‘can also through the mode’ made available directly from the company ‘third holder for said treatment.

14 Cookie Policies is part of the Euspert’s Privacy Policy

15 For more information on third-party advertising-related cookies and how to opt-out of them, please visit: