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Multitasking in life, singletasking in business

Single-tasking, multitasking, serial and concurrent multitasking: what they are and how to effectively switch between them Read More

What is crowdfunding and How does it work

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in which a project is posted on a website, and people pledge to support the project. Read More

Create your Career as a Social Media Manager

Who is a Social Media Manager and What is their Role? Read More

Your Guide To Getting Started With Freelance Animation

Video ads are a hot topic with marketers, so if you are interested in becoming a freelance animator, you may be entering into a booming field. Like any freelance job, animating takes a great deal of skill and a jack-of-all-trades attitude. Learn the steps that you’ll need to complete to become a freelance animator. Practice Your Craft As an artist, you will be getting paid for the creative work that you produce. A resume will no longer suffice when it comes time to apply for projects. Instead, people will judge your skills based on the quality of your work. Practice your animating skills so that you can put together a fantastic portfolio. You may need to take classes to get your skills up to a competitive level. Do what it takes so that your work is the best that you can create. Build Your Portfolio Once you’ve learned and practised, weed out the ... Read More

Freelance work: the benefits of coworking versus homeworking

An attractive alternative to a regular desk job, freelance work is the wave of the future. It offers tremendous benefits and flexibility that you don't get with a traditional 9-to-5 job. It is no surprise that, since 2008, the number of freelancers, independent workers and self-employed people in the UK has risen exponentially. As a freelancer, you are your own boss and answer to no one, other than your clients. Freelancing means professional freedom and gives you the chance of: operating on your own terms; controlling your workload; choosing what you do and how to do it, as you are no longer working to fit into an imposed modus operandi that might put you under physical stress; setting your routine work hours around your most productive time; working for clients across the globe, as you are not geographically limited to serving only local clients; choosing the clients you wish to work with and the ... Read More