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Overcoming COVID-19 blues

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Web summit 2019 – international institutions and government organizations hand in hand with innovative startups

Web summit – the most prominent technology conference on the planet closed the edition 2019 with record numbers. Let's see some details: more than 70 K attendees from over 160 countries 1206 speakers, composed by EU representatives, leaders of various countries, ambassadors, CEOs, and CTOs of the biggest tech companies and celebrities (American actor and director Ian Somerhalder, sports champions Wladimir Klitschko and Ronaldinho, among others), came to share their views, opinions or to introduce new missions. 2150 startups – Alfa, Beta, and also fast-growing companies had the opportunity to explain their ideas, participate at workshops, meet investors, or to choose from around 8500 developers to make their dreams work. Over 1200 investors from every corner of the world came in search of new solutions, original and innovative ideas, potential partnerships, and to be part of absolutely unique networking. All this business ecosystem lived under the eyes of more than ... Read More

Fear of Performance

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How to Mention Fun Facts About Yourself in a Job Search

In a job interview, your potential employer will not just want to hear things they already read on your resume. They will also want to understand what kind of person you are. The best way to demonstrate your character and personality is by mentioning some of your fun facts in interview. It is not always easy to tell your potential employer some of these stories. This guide should help you mention your fun facts in job search interview. 1. Try to Represent the Values Your Company is Looking For Not all fun facts in interview should be mentioned. Some can haunt you later as you work in the company. The most important fun facts are those that are related to the job you are about to get. One of the most important qualities to demonstrate in these facts is your ability to work with other people. Almost all jobs require ... Read More

How to Ensure Success When Opportunity Knocks

Are you aiming high to climb the ladder of success? Landing an interview is a great step in the right direction, but turning that opportunity into your dream job requires preparation. Here is how to make the most of your chance to impress interviewers and snag the position you deserve. Getting your foot in the door What if the position you’re dreaming of isn’t open right now, or you aren’t quite qualified for it? Bear in mind sometimes the best route isn’t the most direct one. As WorkItDaily suggests, you can always apply for a position that isn’t exactly what you want and then work your way toward your objective. Some companies will train you in-house, especially once you demonstrate your sincerity and abilities. It’s also a great option if you know you want to be a part of a particular organization but aren’t sure what role would fit you ... Read More

Professions You Can Practice Without a University Degree

Every graduation season, universities advertise the “amazing” careers their graduates could land after completing a degree. This leads to many young people being forced to believe that their chances of landing a decent paying job are minimal without a university degree. In the rush to seek employment, the recent grads will have faith in their degrees to land them a decent job. The harsh reality of unemployment sinks in when the graduates realize that it takes more than a degree to get a job. You were probably raised up in a family where you grew up knowing that to get anywhere in the job market, you need a four-year degree. Well, times have changed. Diplomas and degrees are no longer a prerequisite to cultivate a happy and successful career. This is because requirements and skill sets vary from one industry to another and there are several options for career paths ... Read More