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Fear of Performance

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Solutions and Apps that help you to Manage Anxiety at Work and in everyday Life

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How to cope with a bad mood at work and talk about it

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Which careers best suit Introverts and Extroverts?

Decided on your ideal career option? Your future today depends on what you want to be tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are many people who often make the wrong decision while choosing their careers. Thus, they have to pay for it for the rest of their life. A right career option leads you to success, making you achieve your what you really desire and most importantly, making you feel very satisfied. Deciding on the right career option is difficult, however it doesn’t need to be if you could find out what type of personality you are. Now, how to categorize your personality? There is no need to go to an expert or to seek a doctor for this. Instead, you just simply need to answer this one simple question: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Who is an introvert? Do you like to sit alone in a room reading books? Do ... Read More

Can IQ and Aptitude Testing Help You Secure the Perfect Candidate?

In 2016 the European Union employment rate for persons between the ages of 20 and 64 stood at 71.1%, the highest annual average recorded for the EU. In June last year, the European Commission adopted a Skills Agenda for Europe under the heading ‘Working together to strengthen human capital, employability and competitiveness’. The purpose of this is to ensure that individuals develop the skills necessary in order to boost employability, competitiveness and growth across the EU. When it comes to hiring new employees, all employers are in agreement that they only want to hire the best candidates which is why a lot of careful planning goes into formulating recruitment and hiring processes. While the term ‘the best’ is extremely subjective, there are general traits and characteristics that all employers seek, such as general intelligence, verbal and non-verbal skills and levels of creative thinking. The correlation between IQ and work outcomes ... Read More