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Improve Your Concentration and Stay Fully Focused!

To improve your concentration in order to give full attention to your tasks you need to put your physical and psychological environment in order. It doesn't matter if you are preparing a business plan, translating a text or studying for an examination, to do it properly you have to avoid all distractions. Whether you stay in your room or in the office the important thing is that they are tidy. Are there documents, newspapers, pens strewed on the table, post-its pasted everywhere? When you are searching for a pencil in the box, does your hand drown in a landfill of office equipment? Is your TV or radio turned on, do you receive an SMS or call now and then? Are you surrounded by colleagues, class mates or family members that frequently have something “important” to tell you? If the answer is yes, then your attention is on the right track ...

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