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Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways is hiring cabin crew

Jessica Maggi- July 11, 2017

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Tips on writing a successful curriculum vitae: Europass and standard CV

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Move to the United Arab Emirates to work as a personal trainer

Jessica Maggi- July 5, 2017

Being a personal trainer is a great career for those who have a passion for physical fitness and enjoy helping others. More and more fitness enthusiasts ...

Live and Work in Germany: Alles Ist Gut! (It’s All Good!)

Dara Sheahan- May 12, 2017

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Live and Work in Fantastic Finland!

Dara Sheahan- May 11, 2017

What jobs are currently in demand in Finland?

The Most In-Demand Student Jobs in the UK and Where to Find Them

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With the ever-increasing costs of tuition, accommodation, books, and entertainment, student life in the UK can be tough. That’s not to mention the increased expectations ...

Can Working from Home Increase your Productivity?

Jenny Holt- February 22, 2017

Getting on with your job should not be a constant battle but in many workplaces, it feels like the case. With everything from political discussion ...

6 Top Skills Required for Retail Jobs

Dara Sheahan- October 5, 2016

What are the most in demand skills for jobs in the retail industry?