Author: Jessika Black

What Is Integrity and Why Is It Important in your Professional Life?

In modern society, it is common to hear stories of cut-throat workplaces. Movies like The Wolf of Wall Street expose a world of business where ruthless individuals are willing to step on their co-workers and clients alike to get what they want. The perception that nice guys finish last is rife. In addition, since the economic downturn, workers have faced cuts to benefits, pensions and salaries, not to mention countless layoffs. Employees often feel they are simply cogs in the wheel of faceless corporations that don’t care about them. These beliefs and experiences can breed disloyalty and disintegration among workers and lead to a lack of integrity in the workplace. Employees may react against what they view as unfair treatment, aiming to get one over on ‘the man’. This behaviour takes many forms such as adding personal expenditures to company expense accounts or taking unnecessary sick days. It’s easy for ... Read More