Help and Contacts

1. What is Euspert?

Euspert is a multilingual online journal focused mainly on the labor market, HR, business and education, managed by journalists and specialists in HR and education at an international level.
Euspert is integrated with a job board where companies can advertise their job offers and the job seekers can apply autonomously.
Euspert does not interfere in any way with the communication between companies and job seekers and all applications sent by job seekers will be received directly by the advertiser.

Euspert is NOT an employment agency or recruiter!

We ask job seekers NOT to send their CV to the mailing address of Euspert. These CVs will be immediately eliminated.

2. How can I register on Euspert?

By clicking SIGN UP or by activating alerts to receive emails with job offers.

3.If I sign in with Facebook, will you have access to my profile? Will you be able to send emails to my contacts or have access to the list of my friends?

Absolutely not! The app used to register via Facebook uses only basic data. We will not have access to your profile or to the list of your friends, or your posts.

4. Why can I not upload my CV through mobile?

The CV can be sent only in PDF or DOC format. If you use mobile devices we suggest that you use cloud solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
Otherwise, you can upload your CV from your PC and then apply by phone (in this case you will need your PC just once and from then on you can send job applications with your mobile device).
It’s NOT possible to upload the CV in photo format e.g. JPEG.

5. Will the companies advertising on your site be able to access my CV freely? How can I know which companies have accessed my CV?

Euspert doesn’t sell CVs nor provide companies with free access to our CV database.
The companies that advertise on Euspert are able to see your CV data only after receiving your application for their job offers.

6. I have an account on Euspert but I cannot log in. My log in data seems incorrect. What should I do?

Are you sure that you are using the same email address that you used during your registration?

Login to the Jobseeker area, making sure to enter the data correctly.
Is it possible that you have added an extra space while doing a copy/paste? A free space is recognized by the system as a character.
If you still cannot access your account, click on „Forgot password?. You will receive a verification email in your inbox. If you do not receive this email within a minute, please check the spam folder in your mail box.
If the problem persists, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]providing us with the email you used during your registration.

7. I can’t apply to the job offer because the Apply button doesn’t work

Is it possible that you have installed any plugins on your browser which may block pop-ups or advertisements e.g Adblock? If so, it may be that the Apply button is being misread as advertising. We have repeatedly written to the companies that manage these plugins asking them to solve the problem, but at the moment it is only partially solved. It should be enough to deactivate the plugin on our site or use another browser.

8.How can I know if the company has received my application? Can I be informed about the stage of the selection process?

Euspert is not an employment agency and never interferes in the selection process. All replies sent by job seekers are to be received directly by the company advertiser. Each selection process is the exclusive responsibility of the company advertising.
On our site, it is strictly forbidden to post anonymous job offers. Thus, it is clear which company you have replied to and you can contact them directly.

9. The job offers you send me don’t meet my requirements in terms of location and job category. How can I change it?

The targeted job offers will appear on your control panel.  Enter into your account and click “Job Alert”.

The easiest way to activate the targeted alerts is to do a search and then click Save Alert”.

To be sure that you receive our emails you should accept the receipt of job offers and newsletters (for your privacy, in this choice are not included advertising information).

10. How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, simply enter into your account and click:  “Your Details” – “Delete account” – “YES delete”.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click. The cancellation is immediate.

Alternative: If you cannot access your personal account you can forward us any email sent from us to you, changing the subject to “delete”, to: [email protected]. In this case the cancellation will take place within 15 days.

11. Can I keep my account active without receiving your emails with job offers, newsletters or commercial information?

Of course. In every email you receive from us, there is an unsubscribe link. Just click on this link to unsubscribe from our emails. Your account will remain active.
Another option is to access your account, click “Your Details” and select “do not accept” in the appropriate field.

12. Where are the job posts on Euspert from?

The job posts may be inserted directly by companies or recruitment agencies, who will receive your application directly through our management platform. Some offers are simply indexed (like on a search engine) in order to give a larger and more accurate range of offers possible. In this case, you will be redirected to the original site on which the offer is published.

13. The vacancy that I clicked on does not exist or has expired.

We validate and update the job offers on our site several times throughout the day. So, there are very few cases where the available offers have expired. If you happen to find one, please report the exact link, and we’ll immediately update it.

14. I can not find the answer to my question. May I contact you via e-mail?

Yes. If you are sure, that the answer to your question is not among our suggestions, contact us at: [email protected].