14. I can not find the answer to my question. May I contact you via e-mail?

Helena Hagan- February 19, 2016

Yes. If you are sure, that the answer to your question is not among our suggestions, contact us at: info@euspert.com.

13. The vacancy that I clicked on does not exist or has expired.

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

We validate and update the job offers on our site several times throughout the day. So, there are very few cases where the available offers ...

12. Where are the job posts on Euspert from?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

The job posts may be inserted directly by companies or recruitment agencies, who will receive your application directly through our management platform. Some offers are ...

11. Can I keep my account active without receiving your emails with job offers, newsletters or commercial information?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

Of course. In every email you receive from us, there is an unsubscribe link. Just click on this link to unsubscribe from our emails. Your account ...

10. How can I delete my account?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

To delete your account, simply enter into your account and click:  “Your Details” – “Delete account” – “YES delete”. You will receive a confirmation email ...

9. The job offers you send me don’t meet my requirements in terms of location and job category. How can I change it?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

The targeted job offers will appear on your control panel.  Enter into your account and click "Job Alert". The easiest way to activate the targeted ...

8.How can I know if the company has received my application? Can I be informed about the stage of the selection process?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

Euspert is not an employment agency and never interferes in the selection process. All replies sent by job seekers are to be received directly by the ...

7. I can’t apply to the job offer because the Apply button doesn’t work

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

Is it possible that you have installed any plugins on your browser which may block pop-ups or advertisements e.g Adblock? If so, it may be ...

6. I have an account on Euspert but I cannot log in. My log in data seems incorrect. What should I do?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

Are you sure that you are using the same email address that you used during your registration? Login to the Jobseeker area, making sure to enter the data ...

5. Will the companies advertising on your site be able to access my CV freely? How can I know which companies have accessed my CV?

Helena Hagan- February 18, 2016

Euspert doesn't sell CVs nor provide companies with free access to our CV database. The companies that advertise on Euspert are able to see your CV data only after receiving your application ...