The Growing Prospects Of IT Jobs In UK

We all are acquainted with the fact that the field of Information Technology is among the hottest and lucrative fields these days not only in the UK but all over the world. The job market of IT is expected to grow by 37% till 2016. Prospects of each and every Job – information technology in Britain will continue to grow in the near future also. Till 2016, the figure of these IT jobs is expected to grow by 37%. The normal growth rate for IT jobs in the UK as a whole during the same period will be 9 to11%. Though job aspects will be superior in all IT jobs, numerous of the finest jobs will need higher training as well as experience. Do you recognize which IT jobs in the UK are most popular? Given below is a list of the most popular IT jobs in the UK.


Lead Application Developer

The job of the lead application developer is to administer the teams, which are in charge of designing and developing software. It means he or she plays a significant role during the software development process. For this Job – information technology minimum requirement is computer science degree, and most of the employers want minimum experience of 3 – 5 years. About the salary, one can expect $80,000 to $110,000 per annum.

Application Architect

The application architect is responsible for a new application to be developed. It means that the application architect is fully accountable for designing all the parts of the specific application, including its interface as well infrastructure that is based on client’s standards. The minimum qualification needed for this job is bachelors or masters in computer science. One should also possess an experience of 8 years in designing and developing applications. The expected salary is $85,000 to $120,000. This area of IT jobs in the UK is a fast growing area and it will grow at over 30%.

Messaging Administrator

These persons are fully responsible for assisting companies to remain in contact with other companies. They manage email systems, which includes fixing problems and supplying backup alternatives to assure that not a single message is lost. To apply for this job, a few years of experience with the similar systems, which your prospective employer employs is extremely desirable with a computer science degree. The salary for a messaging administrator is same like the application architects.

Data Modeler

A data modeller is responsible for developing the models to demonstrate data flow. In order to achieve this goal, one will be required to analyze huge data requirements. Almost all the employers will look for past experience holders who worked in this area with the computer science degree. The expected salary range for this job is $74,000 to $102,000 Pounds per annum; the expected growth of this IT job is near 38% that is noticeably much higher.

There are lots of other IT jobs in the UK that are very popular and offer a good amount of salary also. But it all depends on one’s experience and interest in which kind of Job – information technology he or she wants to work. The IT jobs in the UK are offering a lucrative salary that is the reason that IT professionals from all over the world are migrating to the UK in search of a better salary in IT jobs.