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BimBimBikes Bike Rental Platform – When a hobby becomes a life’s business

This article is part of In Conversation with Contemporary Web Startups at the Web Summit BimBimBikes is the first online platform for bike rental companies. It is currently present in 40 countries, with over 700 rental points in the BimBimBikes community of bike rental companies. Its founder Michel Willems sat down with us to answer our questions: Helena: What was the main inspiration for you to start this business? Michel: I had a wonderful vacation in San Francisco. We booked a lovely apartment, we ate at great restaurants (with good online reviews). Then we went to a bike rental shop. They were out of bikes. As I didn't want to disappoint my beautiful and lovely wife, I said I would handle the situation. I picked up my smartphone, looked for an independent bike booking site with reviews and availability.... and it wasn't there. We found a rental bike after all, but ... Read More