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What Does a Business Casual Dress Code Mean?

Office environments have long been the haunt of stuffy formalwear like the traditional business suit, shirt, and tie. But in recent years, new media industries and the technology sector in particular have been shaking up perspectives on worker’s attire. Now, with casual Fridays becoming a popular feature of modern offices, company bosses have begun to loosen their rules (and their ties). You may have come across the term business casual dress code and wondered exactly what it means for your wardrobe. And no, those trendy flip-flops you bought recently are not okay to wear to your next business meeting! What is a business casual dress code? Get rid of that old suit and make room for an exciting array of stylish, sophisticated and functional clothing. With a business casual dress code you are expected to project an aura of professionalism, but you also have a chance to hint at your ... Read More