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5 Hobbies That Can Be Transformed into Career

How a hobby can become a profession

Job Interview First Impressions – The Fuzzy blue Slippers!

You have an interview for the career opportunity of your dreams. Energy and excitement pulse through you as you push open the door to the lobby of your future company. Moments later, you are shaking hands with your prospective employer who invites you to be seated. As you wait for the first interview question, you glance down and discover that you are not wearing your well-polished business shoes but your favourite fuzzy blue slippers. A scream of horror rises in your throat. The average first impression is made in less than 15 seconds but it may be the only impression that influences the outcome of your interview. Will your interviewer remember how well you grasped the complex issues and opportunities of the job? Or will the only thing to survive the interview be his (or her) unfavourable impression of your fuzzy blue slippers?   Dressing appropriately for a job interview ...