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How to move beyond the fear of career change

A shockingly high number of discontent workers around the world go to work every day hating their job to the bone and wishing they were elsewhere. Most of them, though, are still reluctant to change. It sounds great to quit a job you are dissatisfied with in order to do something you are passionate about, but doing it? Well, that’s another matter entirely. The idea of making a big career change fills you with dread, and yet another year in a hostile office environment is just as creepy. This stuck state in the face of two equally petrifying options can be exhausting. Why? Making a career change is one of the most challenging life decisions and transitions and most people approach the process with fear and trepidation. Change is hard. What stops most of us from making a big career change is fear, specifically: fear of the unknown; fear of change; ... Read More