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Freelancer or Employee – Analyzing the Options

Advantages and disadvantages of freelance workers and employees

Work as Freelance Designer

The paradigm of the traditional 9-to-5 job appears to be shifting nearly as rapidly as technology keeps evolving. Reports of downsizing, corporate restructuring, and outsourcing are standard subjects of business news reports. How do workers adapt to these changing work conditions? Many are expanding their work options by becoming part-time freelance designers. Students seeking entrée into the workforce and other individuals who are not interested in joining the traditional workforce structure also are developing careers, income streams and experience as freelancers. This new work paradigm is seen and felt in industries throughout the world. The Euro Freelancers Association’s reports that almost every fourth European person is working independently. Their studies show that this will be an ongoing work structure trend.   Why freelance Many current and former employees are discovering significant advantages in becoming freelance workers. Miriam Salpeter, contributor to Aol Jobs identifies some reasons to start freelancing. Among the ...