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10 Easy and Effective Team Building Activities

Want your business to have more cohesive, coordinated, and communicative working groups? Why not join the thousands of businesses around the world in setting aside time for team building activities! Research has proven that well-designed team building activities not only boost participants’ goal-setting, communication, role-clarification, decision-making, and problem-solving skills but also increase overall job satisfaction. Interested in trying some out with your employees? Check out our Top 10 list! Top 10 Team Building Activities The best team building activities are collaborative (rather than competitive) and have a clear focus. For instance, the goal of the activity may be to break the ice, strengthen interpersonal communication, or encourage creativity. The following activities are tried and tested, fun and functional. Back-to-back drawing Focus: Communication, ice-breaking For this activity, give everyone a picture, some paper, and a pencil. Sit them back to back, so that they can’t see their partner’s picture or paper. ... Read More