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Want to become an Uber driver? Here is what you need to know

The hassle of attempting to hail an old-fashioned yellow taxi on the street by lifting an arm straight up in the air like the Statue of Liberty is fast disappearing in most cities around the world. The innovative ride-sharing service Uber is quickly revolutionizing the way people move and hail a cab. Uber basically connects passengers and drivers through a user-friendly, ride-sharing mobile app. Passengers can easily request a ride using their smartphone, while you can make a few extra bucks in your spare time driving people from point A to point B with your own car. If you know your way around town, have a smartphone and find solace on the road, driving for Uber can be a good way to supplement your income, with resources you already have. Working as an Uber driver partner on a flexible schedule gives you the opportunity to make money driving any time, ... Read More