6 Effective Tips On How To Write A Good Resume To Employer’s Attention

A resume plays a vital part during the selection process in a concern in the UK as it speaks volume of the candidate and creates an impression with the employer. This in short decides whether you meet the employer of your dream job or not. Knowing How to Write a Good Resume is essential as it paves way to get selected for an interview. This creates or breaks the opportunity that you have been waiting for a long period of time. The secret that lies behind the best resume is that it should highlight only your strengths and should create a positive response from the onlooker.


Remembering some pointers in mind oh How to Write a Good Resume would enable you to write a good one with all the desired qualities to improvise the quality of your resume. They are such as:

  1. Choosing the best format: The first and foremost step in How to Write a Good Resume is choosing the best among the three formats of resume. They are known as the chronological, functional and targeted formats. In this the chronological format emphasizes on the recent to past experiences, the Functional format allows the skills to be displayed and your experience in each field. The targeted format focuses on highlighting the specific skills that best match the requirement of the present job. Choose the one format among the three that you feel would most fit the job category and your skills.

  2. Number of pages: The next effective tip on How to Write a Good Resume is to make it fit within two pages. It would be considered more effective if you can consolidate within a single page. This helps you get recognized better among thousands of resumes that have been applied to the same job position.

  3. Objective of the resume pertaining to Job: Writing down the career objective is a important thing on How To Write A Good Resume. The life of your resume lies in the job objective of yours. It clearly describes your perspective of career and how serious you are.

  4. Handling the gaps in your career: The next step in How to Write a Good Resume is the way you display the gaps during the period of your career. Take care to write in such a way that it is not prominent to the employer. This should always stay out of focus in your resume, but you can focus on them, if you have done something worthwhile during the period such as pursued a higher degree or took time to raise your children.

  5. Highlighting the hobbies: Be specific when you put down your skills or hobbies those targets the job description. It would show you as most fit for the job.

  6. Character attributes: Always make sure that you specify the character attributes such as diplomatic, helpful; extrovert and quick learner are highly beneficial.

Always remember these points when you decide to write your resume as it makes you outshine others among your competitors. Always bear these above said pointers to make your resume a power packed one. But always remember that spending money to get a resume designed by some other recruiting company will not do good as it will not reflect your real attributes. Nobody knows you better than you mainly when it comes to the profession. You can also seek the help of some good handbooks or seek the help of your friends or professionals. Once you start writing it, you will get the hang of it. It is not as difficult as it might seem. Always highlight a strong background and educational qualification that would portray you as a prospective candidate.