Improve the Quality of Speaking Voice

The value of what we say often depends not just on the meaning, but on the power of our voice.

improve speaking voice

Have you ever tried to explain a new project, convince your partner, colleague or boss about the benefits it can bring?But they just turn their backs on you and you remain there alone talking to the wall. You have a really good idea or important information to tell but nobody is listening to you!                                                                                                 Don’t worry, the problem is not in what you are saying but how! Maybe they just don’t hear you!

Our voice is an important tool, which influences the quality of our life, especially our working life. In addition to the jobs where the voice is essential, like a singer, actor, presenter, there are plenty of other jobs where the voice plays an important role too. Managers, politicians, teachers or sales people should have excellent command of their voice. Unfortunately the reality is sometimes different. For this reason many people avoid these jobs, despite the fact that they could have had excellent careers.

Because of low or monotonous voice you can become completely invisible. On the other hand a squeaky voice can be irritating. Fortunately, with proper effort you can improve the quality of your speaking voice.

You may attend elocution lessons where the teacher will focus on your intonation, pronunciation and phonetics to set your voice in the most accurate way.

Also voice training or courses of public speaking can help you.  Here below are just a few examples of professional schools from 5 European countries.

Since many of them are operating in big cities and some of them can be very expensive you can search for lessons or full courses on-line :

I have listed a few examples in various European languages and if you know more, different, that you consider better, please recommend them.

You can also try some professional lesson with a coach on-line. There are just a few things you need : a recorder and microphone, a web cam set in a way that you can see not just your coach’s but also your own face. In this way it is easier to learn how to use gestures.

You can also exercise by yourself:

  • Read aloud as often as possible, you can record your voice and then listen to it.
  • Sing! Even if you are not Pavarotti, it will strengthen your voice.
  • Learn to breathe correctly. Sometimes, especially in stressful situations, we use to forget to breathe without realizing it. Without breathing a voice can not exist!                                                                                                       Focus on your breathing during all daily activities.
  • Don’t be shy to ask your friends or family about their opinion.

Learn to use your voice to work for you and not against you!

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