Author: Eva Benoit

How to Ensure Success When Opportunity Knocks

Are you aiming high to climb the ladder of success? Landing an interview is a great step in the right direction, but turning that opportunity into your dream job requires preparation. Here is how to make the most of your chance to impress interviewers and snag the position you deserve. Getting your foot in the door What if the position you’re dreaming of isn’t open right now, or you aren’t quite qualified for it? Bear in mind sometimes the best route isn’t the most direct one. As WorkItDaily suggests, you can always apply for a position that isn’t exactly what you want and then work your way toward your objective. Some companies will train you in-house, especially once you demonstrate your sincerity and abilities. It’s also a great option if you know you want to be a part of a particular organization but aren’t sure what role would fit you ... Read More