Author: Helena Hagan

I'm a professional blogger and journalist with an extensive experience in HR, co-founder of, and During my career I have also acquired experience in different fields working as a trade manager, responsible for logistics and event organizer. As a polyglot fluent in seven languages I had the opportunity to work as an interpreter and translator for important companies around the world.

Improve Your Concentration and Stay Fully Focused!

To improve your concentration in order to give full attention to your tasks you need to put your physical and psychological environment in order. It doesn't matter if you are preparing a business plan, translating a text or studying for an examination, to do it properly you have to avoid all distractions. Whether you stay in your room or in the office the important thing is that they are tidy. Are there documents, newspapers, pens strewed on the table, post-its pasted everywhere? When you are searching for a pencil in the box, does your hand drown in a landfill of office equipment? Is your TV or radio turned on, do you receive an SMS or call now and then? Are you surrounded by colleagues, class mates or family members that frequently have something “important” to tell you? If the answer is yes, then your attention is on the right track ... Read More

Working as croupier in Europe

  Croupiers are people who are in charge of gaming tables and there are quite a few places in the European Union where one could work as a croupier. However, being a croupier involves a lot more than just managing the gaming table. A croupier needs to know how to speak various languages and this is especially true for a croupier working in the EU seeing as how the Union is comprised of various nation states (all of which are so culturally diverse). Croupiers in the EU would come across customers from all over the European Union and they need to keep their culture, language and mannerisms in mind when dealing too. There are various schools for someone planning on working as a croupier in the European Union member states. These schools teach the importance of etiquettes, language and body language as well as the need to deal with individuals ... Read More

How to improve English language if is not native tongue

  When it comes to learning English, some foreign students find it very difficult to understand and comprehend the language. This is understandable- after all, the language is not their native tongue. However, there are many ways via which a student would be able to master the language. One of the many ways via which one can learn English working in UK in the summer is by communicating with your peers in the English language. Speaking in English helps improve one’s fluency and grip over the language. You are made aware of your mistakes when you hear someone else speaking in the same language with you. When you hear someone else speak in the same language, you are able to distinguish between their grammar and your own. This way you are also able to improve on your own communication skills. Reading newspapers, novels and classics would help too. The good ... Read More

Where it’s possible to study dentistry in Central Europe

  There are quite a few universities in Central Europe where one can study dentistry. One of the best colleges for dentistry in the European Union is the Central European University. Ever year students from more than 30 member states apply and get accepted to the Central European University. It is globally recognized and accredited in Hungary. As of 2016 applicants would have to take tests in order to prove their linguistic skills. The test is known as the European Languages Certificates. The most popular university for dentistry, in Slovakia, is the Safarik University in Kosice where the annual tuition fee would amount to 9000 EUR and examinations take place in June and August. Residence could cost up to 190 EUR a month. Anyone wishing to apply to the college would have to give Biology and Chemistry exams and pass these with satisfactory results to be considered a student of ... Read More

Web summit 2019 – international institutions and government organizations hand in hand with innovative startups

Web summit – the most prominent technology conference on the planet closed the edition 2019 with record numbers. Let's see some details: more than 70 K attendees from over 160 countries 1206 speakers, composed by EU representatives, leaders of various countries, ambassadors, CEOs, and CTOs of the biggest tech companies and celebrities (American actor and director Ian Somerhalder, sports champions Wladimir Klitschko and Ronaldinho, among others), came to share their views, opinions or to introduce new missions. 2150 startups – Alfa, Beta, and also fast-growing companies had the opportunity to explain their ideas, participate at workshops, meet investors, or to choose from around 8500 developers to make their dreams work. Over 1200 investors from every corner of the world came in search of new solutions, original and innovative ideas, potential partnerships, and to be part of absolutely unique networking. All this business ecosystem lived under the eyes of more than ... Read More