Best Places to study in EU to be a professional in Social Media Marketing

socialThere are quite a few places where conferences are held for social media marketing enthusiasts in the European Union. A social media marketing manager is someone who could handle the social media for an organization or person and deal with the PR that either of the 2 is exposed to. The good news is that one need not go to any institute to study this as such because there are so many websites where one could learn the skills that one may look for in a social media marketing manager. One example of such a website is the Digital Social Media Academy where quite a few students are enrolled. For people wanting to go to an institution for these purposes, the SDA Bocconi School of Management (in Italy) is an excellent school for these purposes. Courses and classes at both universities are effective and are great for social media marketing managers.

Usually such managers need to have taken management courses, social media management courses and they need to be aware of how to use various tools on social media websites too

There are many job opportunities for such managers in the EU member states. Such marketing managers are able to market the products and services offered by various companies in the various member states of the European Union. Their main purpose is to attract an audience in order to create a name for the brand at a national and/or international level. Apart from being able to do so for companies, these marketing managers could also attract people and raise awareness about events and happenings within the EU. Several member states in the EU tend to employ social media marketing managers in order to attract tourists and this is something that social media marketing managers can handle as well. This can be done by taking pictures of various locations in a city and using these to market various hotspots and to promote tourism as well via various websites like Twitter, Facebook, various blogging sites and such like. A social media marketing manager could expect himself to earn as much as 45.000-60.000 euro. Usually social media marketing managers are required to have, at least, 5 years of experience in digital marketing. They also must be good at communication and have great verbal and/or written skills. Keep in mind that the EU is made of several member states- each state has its own culture and language. The social media marketing manager has to remember this when marketing something or someone. For example, a sign or gesture that may seem friendly to English people may be offensive to the Italian.

A social media marketing manager is basically responsible for creating the image of something or someone. Several companies in the EU are in need of such manager and quite a few member states employ them to encourage tourists to come to these member states via the use of pictures and videos.