The Brain Training Sites And Apps – Do They Really Make Us More Intelligent?

Efficacy of Brain training Sites and Apps

Training your brain is as important as being physically fit. Training your brain on a regular basis will help you improve cognitive functions that are being used daily. Brain training can be very helpful in improving your memory which will makes everyday tasks easier. In addition to this, it is also helpful in improving various cognitive skills which include attention, reading, problem solving abilities, and in certain cases psychosocial functioning as well. Brain training also helps in improving your creativity skills and you will be able to analyze things and situations more accurately.

Brain training

Apps used for brain training

There are various websites and apps which help in the brain training process and include the following:
Wizard: This app has been developed to improve episodic memory which is required for schizophrenia patients. It brings in small improvement within the cognitive functions of human brain which can help patients live an independent and happy life.

Lumosity: It has been designed to serve as a cognitive science app and includes brain training games which are helpful in exercising the muscles of your brain. The user needs to get registered with the website and select from the list of mental faculties. All the brain training games are designed to match the skills of the user put under test. It is free for a limited time and users can upgrade it for a nominal charge on a monthly and yearly basis. There are various brain exercises which will help in memory training.

Fit Brains: This is another free brain training games website which helps working upon weaker areas. Its key characteristics include working upon your memory, language, logic, visuals, focus and speed. The app also includes an option of tracking your progress along with making recommendations in how to challenge yourself in everyday routine.

Eidetic: This free to use app uses space repetition procedure which will help in memorizing different facts. The user can get registered with the app and it will notify the user when the test time is close.

Brain HQ: The app helps in improving your hearing abilities in a crowded place. In addition to this, there are also many intelligence tests, brain speed exercises and attention exercises.

Elevate: The app helps in improving your memory, improving the ability of reading comprehension and working upon the ability to focus on different things.

Happify: The free app helps in conquering negative feelings and thoughts and focuses on the virtues and strengths of an individual which will make them happy all day.

Brain Trainer Special: There are many games in this free app which includes memorizing letter sequences along with solving different types of math problems. It helps in to improve attention and improve memory,

CogniFit Brain Fitness: It works upon concentration and memory aspects along with tracking progress and accessing insights of the overall health of your brain. The app is available for free for four games after which the user needs to upgrade it with a certain amount of money.

ReliefLink: It is another brain training application website and helps in improving mental exercises which increases mental health.

Efficacy of brain training sites and apps

brain trainingIn a research made by the University of British Columbia, it has been claimed that regular exercises will keep your sweat glands and health pumping in a normal rate. Through exercise, brains are able to think directly and indirectly the benefits of exercise are that it helps in reducing insulin resistance along with reducing inflammation.

According to a statement released by the Stanford University Center on Longevity ad in the Berlin Max Plank Institute for Human Development, it has been claimed that there are no scientific evidence to this concept. In addition to this, there is also a strong consensus which concludes that brains do not receive any support from the Brain Training games and it only improves general cognitive performance in everyday routine.


Brain exercises have become very important to build a personality. With regular usage of brain training, you will start developing it into a habit. There are various brain training games available on the web and which can be accessed for free. Improving your cognitive skills and memory is important as you will find your everyday life easier.