Can Working from Home Increase your Productivity?

Working from homeGetting on with your job should not be a constant battle but in many workplaces, it feels like the case. With everything from political discussion to discussions about weekend escapades getting in the way of real work, perhaps working remotely is a better option. Working from home allows people to get away from all these distractions, so they can get on with their actual job.

It’s even becoming a lot more common. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting in 2015 that 24 percent of employed people did some, or all, of their work at home. This even includes traditionally office-based jobs such as those in management, business and financial operations, as 38 percent of people in these occupations did all, or some, of their work from home, too.

How Working From Home Can Raise Your Productivity

One positive of working remotely is the chance to work in environments that are a little different than most are used to. For example, you could work from a home office, and depending on the type of work you’re doing, a local coffee shop. This comes with it’s own set of positives. Without the distractions of a traditional office all around you, it’s possible that you’ll be able to work more and learn to become more productive.

study was conducted by SRHM (the Society for Human Resource Management) where they found that 77% people who worked remotely a few times a month reported having greater productivity while they did. As well as this, 30% said they had managed to do more work in less time. Take advantage of not having to deal with team meetings or people interrupting your train of thought; it’ll lead to you completing more work. If you can do that, you can be more successful. You have to be sure to understand that while being away from the office can be a pro, you need to consider cons.

Staying Focused and Away From Distractions

The major problem with working remotely is the temptation to do anything but work. With so many things open to you now you’re not stuck in an office, it can be hard to avoid. Websites like Facebook and Buzzfeed may seem to be calling out to you thirty minutes into working, or at lunchtime they’ll not want you to close the page. Don’t get stuck on browsing like this, as it can definitely ruin your workflow. If you start and stop all the time you won’t get anything done.

The same goes for chores you want to do around your house. Now you have the time, it might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. You’ll get up, start cleaning your home and then you’ll find hours have flown past and you’re far behind on your work. You can’t get this lost time back, so it’s best to have a home office if you can. Keep this office secluded away from anything that might tempt you into doing some spring cleaning.