Career at Dell UK

career in Dell

The opportunity of being invited to an interview and recive the chance to start career at Dell in UK, does not appear to anyone and when you are offered this chance, you surely want to play your cards right. You need to know how to sell yourself, how to outcast your skills and to make them fit the job.
You can choose from many career areas, as exciting jobs are offered in sales, finance, marketing, customer service and support, engineering, information technology, manufacturing and logistics, corporate functions and professional services and consulting.
The benefits of working for Dell are not related solely to the financial part, although this aspect is a more than satisfactory one, but they mostly have to do with your personal development and possibilities of working in a team of professionals and also working for a company that is known worldwide.
Of course, the expectations are high and the candidates are expected to show how they can benefit the company. Therefore, you should send a detailed and well-structured CV and it is important to insist on your past work experiences and to link them with the specifications of the job that you are applying to.
The interview is a complex process that consists in several steps. Everything starts with a call from the recruiter. During this first conversation, he wants to gather some basic information about the candidate, such as his expectations and his past work experience. Then, a technical/functional interview follows, with the purpose of knowing the candidate’s expertize. After these two stages ended, the candidate who is still in the competition must attend an on-site interview, which is formed of several meetings. The final stage is represented by an interview with the hiring director or manager and then the decision is made.

If you desire to become a part of this worldwide known giant you can find useful informations about careers at Dell directly on their website: .

If you want to stay  up to date about career events in Dell and many other activities you can follow them on their FB page Careers at Dell.
If you want to work in UK you need some documents and the type of documents that are needed depends on several factors, mainly whether you have applied for a work permit in the past or not. However, if you are not a British or EEA (European Economic Area) citizen, you will need a work permit and a visa.
Working for Dell can be a great start in creating a successful career or can be a wonderful chance to try working in a new area together with professionals who have much information to disseminate.