How to Overcome Anxiety at Work?


Anxiety is a general term attributed to some disorders that make your fear and nervousness get out of control and affect your life. The disorders that are part of this group named “anxiety” have different causes and manifest themselves through different symptoms and signs.

Specialists have determined the causes of these disorders and consider that the most common are biochemical related, meaning that the chemicals from the brain that are responsible for controlling physical reactions and feelings can suffer an imbalance or are related to a certain event that was extremely stressful or have a genetic characteristic.

When you deal with such a disease, it is important to be informed and to try the different tricks that are presented by specialists online or in their books. Also, it is very important to consult a doctor, who will make you manage this problem and can help you in keeping anxiety under control.

The big challenge that a person who suffers from this disease has to face is to overcome anxiety attacks during a job interview. Of course, such situations can even lead to losing your job or never getting the opportunity to prove how well prepared you are for a certain position. Probably the most important step is to find a specialist who is able to suggest personalized techniques that can be applied in your situation, and then it is very important to find a person who is willing to help you whenever you want to talk about your feelings.

It is also very important to focus on breathing. When we experience anxiety at work or during a job interview we sometimes completely forget to breath. There are exercises, such as breathing deeply for five seconds and releasing your breath slowly. It is very important to find some reassuring sentences that you can repeat in your mind until you find your self-control. Also, when the symptoms appear, it would be helpful to take a break and go for a short walk.

It is considered that those persons who had family members suffering from anxiety are susceptible to this disease; also women are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men and also those who work in stressful environments. Teens are also more likely to suffer from this disease and likewise emotional persons.

Here are some interesting example of how people can help themselves when experiencing Anxiety.

Samantha is 21 and experienced anxiety attacks. She find helpful in such situations to focus on outside tasks like socializing, reading or exercising rather than staying concentrated on own thoughts.

Paolo 41, “To overcome my chronic anxiety at work I have learned to force my imagination. I asked myself, what is the worst thing that can happen to me? I will  not be able to manage so many tasks, my boss will humiliate me in front of my colleagues – in the extreme case I can be fired? I try to imagine those situations as if they were real and in this way I can calm down for some reason. It helps me sometimes also to find a new  solution to a current problem”.