Five things not to say in a Job Interview

Succeeding at an interview is the most important thing of all to get a job. The article states five things that you should certainly avoid saying in the interview room to improve your chances of getting a job.


To any person, appearing for a job interview and presenting their resume in a proper fashion, is a crucial step to ascertain that they get the vacant position. However, to do so, you must be absolutely impeccable as far as your presentation and interview is concerned. When talking about a job interview, most of the blunders are created because of this one-to-one interaction. The employer over here tries to adjudge your capabilities and thus, the great amount of blunder is created as you want to appease them. There are no failsafe ways to crack any single interview but there are ways to improve it. Listed below are five essential things you should never say in an interview.

1) Swearing: a complete deal breaker

If you think you can waltz into the interview room, and just swear involuntarily and expect to get away with, well you certainly are wrong. According to various employers, swearing is a complete no-no in a workplace, as it undermines the enthusiasm of the employees and creates a very bad reputation about an organization. When in the interview, no matter how tricky the question is or how irritated or annoyed you are avoid swearing such as saying ‘bloody hell!’, ‘Jesus!’ or any other such words. You might be coaxed to utter some profanities by your interviewers but do not give in to that, instead deviate and talk about another subject.

2) Never criticize previous employers

It is absolutely imperative that you do not criticize your old employers in front of your interviewers. It gives a very incorrect impression and might become one of the reasons for you not getting that job. Never say that your old boss was horrible, or made you work till late, etc. They might take it as an offense or might even think that you might spread the same thing about them, if fired from there. Regardless, keep it formal and remember you are not talking to your friends here.

3) Never ask what the company does

If you are foolish enough to ask the above question, you will certainly not get the job! You have come for an interview, for a certain vacant position in an organization and the employers expect that you would know what exactly is that the company does and how you would serve the organization, if you take up that specific role. It is thus, imperative that you do ample amount of research about the company, before you go in for an interview to avoid any such awkward moments. Your inadequate knowledge about the company might as well make you seem as if you are uninterested, lazy and lack motivation and will do the same if hired.

4) ‘I can’t think of any questions to ask.’

This is obviously not true. You will be working in a place, probably for eight hours or so, and you can’t think of a single thing to ask? The interviewers will perceive that you are simply not interested or you are simply not prepared. However, it is imperative that you ask atleast some question. Ask about their work ethics, or the culture around there; what is the style to deal and manage any hurdles; how to engage with the manager, and other such questions. It is important that you ask the appropriate questions and not any irrelevant questions as about the breaks, etc.

5) Avoid clichés

Clichés are the worst thing to say when in the interview room. The interviewers have already heard them and are tired of such remarks. The interviewer asks about your weaknesses, it is inappropriate to say that you do not have any [until and unless you are superhuman of course]. You do not have to relay all your weaknesses, just state the ones that are associated with your work and is not all negative. Never say things like ‘I am the best candidate for this job’, or ‘I am a perfectionist, ‘I am a team player’ and many other such stuff.

Given below are some such sites for reference for clichés that you should avoid:

As stated before, there are no definite ways to ascertain that you will get through an interview. However, these five things will certainly improve and increase your chances at succeeding at an interview. Brush up your interacting skills and if possible, practice to land up with your dream job and beat the competition, successfully.