Healthcare Job Market In UK

Work in healthcare in UK is primarily provided by the public health service of England, the NHS or National Health Service, which offers healthcare to almost all citizens of the UK, which are free. There are divergences with the healthcare in the UK. Public system prevails in healthcare sector in the UK, private health care as well as a wide range of complementary and alternative treatments are accessible for those people who cannot pay for the treatment.


There are huge numbers of work in healthcare in UK available in the health sector of UK and that is the reason people from all over the world immigrate to UK for these jobs. Doctors, nurses, technician, etc., get good remuneration thus attracting medical professionals from all over the globe. While applying for NMC registration for work in healthcare in UK, applicants are expected to fulfill all the requirements of NMC. This is an essential requirement because nursing training courses differ from country to country.

Nursing professionals from outside UK must register through ONP and they are required to take all or a part of ONP and also meet all the requirements of ONP. ONP or Overseas Nurses Programme is a 20 day course for nursing professionals from outside UK who want to get job in UK and this course is a must for them. Each and every nursing professional should complete this program and should have an employer or sponsor to enter UK. If you’re not a citizen of UK nor of one of the European country and seeking job in UK then you are required to have working visa as well as entry clearance before your start your journey to UK. To get this clearance you must fulfil all the requirements of British border agency. All the applicants seeking a job at UK must undergo a strict medical check up before joining their jobs. The medical tests include clinical examination and medical history, health status declaration of all the applicants, blood test and x-ray of chest.

Doctors who are in training get a salary of 35330 dollars and they even get extra when they work more than 40 hours per week or they work outside their working schedule i.e. 7.00-21.00 hours. The salary increases in the second year to £27,798. A specialist training doctor gets a starting salary of 46826 dollars and also gets extra when they work outside their working schedule. They usually get 20% to 50% of their basic salary. Doctors in the new speciality grade earn 58022 dollars to 110546 dollars.

Medical consultants on the other hand get a salary of 117447 dollars to 158342 dollars per annum that depends on the duration of their job. National and local awards of clinical excellence are also awarded depending on meeting the obligatory criteria. Many GPs or general practitioners are practicing privately and also get contracts; they work either with a partnership or individually. Profit of general practitioners depends on the services that they render to the people and the method through which they choose to render these services. GPs who are employed by the PCTs get a salary of £53,781 – £81,158, depending on several other factors, and these factors are length of their service and their experience in their fields.