How can you apply for Tesco in UK?

Have you heard about this company Tesco PLC? Sure you have… who haven’t? Tesco PLC is one of the world’s topmost companies dealing with grocery as well as general merchandise retailing in the United Kingdom. Tesco is a British MNC which was founded by Jack Cohen in the year 1919. This British multinational company has its headquarters in Cheshunt which is located in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire is a place in England, UK.Police probe Tesco fraud

Tesco stands in the second position as the world’s second biggest retailing company if measured in terms of profits and revenue, the first being Walmart. This company has its stores spread over in twelve countries which include Europe, North America and Asia. While discussing about the existing grocery market Tesco stands as the unmatched leader, owning thirty percentage of the UK market share. Tesco grocery markets are placed in Thailand, Malaysia and the Republic of Ireland.

Types of stores by Tesco where you can apply

Tesco Stores Ltd is the subsidiary of the holding company which is Tesco PLC. This company has opened various types of stores with the aim to make a large variety of goods and services available to the people no matter where they are living.

One of the stores is the hypermarkets by Tesco known as Tesco Extra which is basically located outside the town or the city. These are markets where you will find all categories of products and services manufactured by Tesco and also other companies. Few of these hypermarkets are Walkden in England, Parc Fforestfach in Wales, Silverburn in Scotland, Cleethorpes, Bar Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne, Coventry, Watford, Stockton-on-Tees and Milton Keynes.

Tesco Superstores are supermarkets which is a larger smaller than Tesco Extra, having a smaller quantity of non-food stuff than the hypermarkets. Tesco Metro is a medium sized supermarket which stands between Tesco Extra and Tesco Superstores, generally located in cities, near train stations. Other types of stores which you can find inside the cities which are quite smaller in sizes are Tesco Express and One Stop store. This company also offers its consumers the facility to order and shop online from their official website.

Tesco offer you four things as an employee

Every employee wants few things in return from his employer company in exchange of their dedication and performance. Tesco knows and values all the employees working under this company and provides each employee these four vital things. Firstly, Tesco gives all of the candidates, whether you are fresher or experienced, to join this company and become a part of this family.

Secondly, it ensures you a pretty interesting work profile so that you love the work you are designated to do. Thirdly, all employees are treated equally with dignity and respect, no matter what job designation he or she holds. Last but not the least Tesco provides you a manager who can help you and guide you with you work and assignments whenever you need them. A manager is provided to the employees working under the various departments.

What qualities should you have to work in Tesco?

Tesco being one of the biggest multinational companies based in UK chooses the best candidates from among hundreds of applications. You need to have a set of skills to be a part of this world renowned organization. The skills which you need the most are focused and a go-getter, passionate, career-driven, committed, adjustable, devoted, willing, motivated and strong-minded. If you possess this set of skills then you will fit in this company perfectly. You should love your work. If you love your work, qualities such as being focused and eager to work, being passionate and a dedicated worker will all come with it.

What Tesco has in store for you?

Working in Tesco will give you more than just an awesome career. It has several great packages and deals for its employees. After working a total duration of six months you will receive your Priviledgecard through which you will receive Clubcard points and discounts of 10% on various Tesco products. You can also avail the various schemes of offered to the colleagues by Tesco Personal Finance.

If you are working under Tesco you can get attractive discounts on the several schemes given by the best healthcare organizations such as private medical insurance policies, dental care and cash plans. You will also be provided with vouchers for your children along with various other plans and proposals regarding holidays and vacations.

“Working in Tesco is a combination of fun and facing new challenges each day which makes the work much more interesting and exciting” – was the exact quote of an employee working in one of the Tesco stores. Another bright and chirpy girl who is also working in this company said, “The best thing that I like about my job is that we can meet lots of new people and help them find the things they want, all the customers are very nice.”

Applying process for the foreigners

Foreigners from all over the world can be a part of this prestigious organization if they have the necessary qualities which are required to work in Tesco. They can go to their official website and can know in details the different departments present in Tesco and which all departments are having vacancies in them. The application process is divided into management positions and team positions. If you want to apply for customer service-oriented jobs and positions for team leaders click:

Click and know the employment opportunities in Tesco

You can view the various ongoing vacancies by clicking in this link:

If you want to apply for the various training and development programs held by Tesco then you can click the following links given below. You will get information on how to apply for different programs and the eligibility criteria of each program.

  • Stores Development Programs: