How to Earn Good Money as a Blogger?

PC-WriterWrite a blog for that is how you exercise your right to self expression. It’s just a few preliminary steps to a formal registration of a blog and you are all set to make money.

A Blog is the best medium of self expression in today’s world. Whether it is within your family or out on the streets, it is becoming more and more difficult to be noticeable in a world with millions like you. So, what do you do in this case? You own a blog for that alone is the most sensible and harmless way to vent your suppressed emotions, passions and opinions. All you need is to maintain a domain name and a registration for a minimum cost and there you are the owner of a blog. See how easy it is?

What do you need to make your blog successful?

  • WordPress is Automatic’s software that facilitates web blog hosting services to registered users only. It is financially sustained by few of the pay-and-use features like domain mapping, storage upgrades, domain registration, video upload, CSS editor, website redirection and removal of ads. However, the usage of its basic features is free.

  • Adwords is a key word tool which helps you to base your blog’s content according to robust keyword usage. This is helpful when an individual enters specific search material based on those keywords which you have included in your post it lands on the search results.

  • Adwords Keyword Planner can fetch you great keywords and group ideas which if included in your page can get you specific categories of product ads or campaigns. You can not only estimate your performance statistics but also filter your keyword search.

  • Article Demon or Ultimate Demon is article submission software that helps in the marketing of your article by faster indexing and higher ranking on your search engine. Well, in this case you will also find Article Marketing Robot that directs target specific traffic towards your links, which in turn increases your business credibility. The readers will then subscribe your posts, follow you and visit your blog more often.

How should be your actual blog content?

Make sure it’s an interesting topic and by that one does not mean anything that you find interesting. Learn to look from a reader’s perspective. What makes it different from the several others? Do you understand what it means to be ‘unique’? Please do not make it a personal diary, readers get sick of it. Choose something which you are passionate about and, more importantly, know about. Have a clear cut opinion or perspective about a matter but do not forget to give your readers an opportunity to air their opinions. Use colourful pictures to make your blog more attractive and visually appetising like Keith.R.Harden’s Knickels and Dimes. Among the European Countries, Germany house potential bloggers while Russia lags behind in the race

How to generate a handsome income out of it?

Make money while sitting at home by blog writing. Having said that all you start questioning is ‘how’? Advertising can fetch you real good revenue. It is through Google Adsense that you can bring in both text and graphic Ad options to your blog that are relevant to your blog’s content according to the keyword usage. Now, the point is how does it work? Here is the answer; there are two types of ads:

  • Cost-per-click Ad (CPC)

  • Cost-per-impression Ad (CPM)

CPCs are those ads in which case the advertiser has to pay the decided amount to a blog owner whenever a visitor to the blog clicks on the ad. While CPMs are those ads in which case the advertiser has to pay the blog owner the revenue whenever this particular ad is viewed by the visitor on this blog, even if he/she does not click on it.

Next source of revenue for a blogger is Affiliate Programme. This is something where the blogger is expected to place a promotional textual or graphical link to the product or service. Always remember, the banner you are promoting in your blog should be in some relevance to your blog’s content. Majority of these affiliate programs are Cost-per-action based, that is, the owner gets paid only when the visitor makes some kind of purchase or other action leading to further promotion of the product.

Moreover, if a person is n experienced blogger and by this time knows the demand that he/she is supposed to fulfil and what kind of crowd the blog pulls, blogger can set up paid memberships.