How to Find a Temporary Job for Christmas in the UK?

Advertisements for temporary Christmas jobs spring up during early autumn/late summer. Do you wish to secure a temporary seasonal job this holiday season? Read on if you wish to gain some cash and also work experience that would carry a value this Christmas.

christmas job

You would be surprised to know that Christmas vacancies are advertised by many employers quite early in the year. The peak season to look for staff is the onset of autumn. This is done to train the fresh seasonal recruits appropriately to get the task done.

Kinds of Christmas jobs available this season:

  • Weekend customer services coordinator
  • Temporary sales advisers
  • Seasonal team members
  • Catering assistants
  • Delivery jobs
  • Temporary receptionists
  • Christmas Pickers/Packers

    You can secure temporary Christmas jobs with these employers

Temporary Sales Adviser: Debenhams

Christmas is an exciting and busy time for Debenhams, In order to impart the customers an exceptional service during the holiday seasons, extra help is taken in the form of Christmas season recruits. Joining their team as Sales Advisers would give people a first point contact with their customers, demonstrating an enthusiastic and friendly welcome.

Sales Advisers need to utilize their business skills and promote all the services, products and fantastic events. They need to make customers aware of the online shopping and ordering services. Christmas vacancies across various stores are advertised as early as September and run until January. The recruits need to be present for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Boxing Day and on New Year’s Day. The role is flexible and requires the recruits to work for 5 days per week. Link: Debenhams Jobs

WHSmith: Weekend Customer Services Coordinator

WHSmith is looking for Weekend, Temporary Customer Service Coordinators cover hours during the busy Christmas period. The company requires candidates to work during the peak times for additional hours or during any critical hours as per the requirements. The applicants need to be flexible with the work hours. This role requires the candidate to be focused on offering customer support to the customers by written correspondence or phone during the busy holiday season. Link: WHSmith Weekend Customer Services Coordinator

Several other jobs are on offer during this holiday season and can be checked out by clicking on the following link: Christmas Temporary Jobs

What is the best thing about temporary Christmas jobs?

You must be wondering why you should even think of working while your friends and family are having fun. Here are a few reasons that you can consider:

  • Earn some cash for Christmas presents and for yourself
  • Gain experience which can boost your confidence and CV
  • Many temporary Christmas recruits end up securing a permanent full-time role in the organization
  • The work is flexible in terms of shift hours

Temporary Christmas job seems to be a cool idea for anybody who is looking to earn some cash as well as for some experience to add in the resume. Check out the job listings and see what suits best for you to secure a position in an organization during this holiday season.