5 Ways to Earn Money Using Twitter

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has gained more than 300 million users. Most of the users of this social media are businesses. Twitter helps them in tracking their consumers and send the messages regarding the brand and the deals. Personal users can promote their partners, services and careers.


If you know how to use Twitter well, then you can use this platform for making money. Twitter offers more opportunities for people to generate some extra cash. Here are a few techniques that you can follow to earn money with the use of this social media platform:

Utilize sponsored tweets

The Best Solution –  Were you aware of the fact that you can charge businesses for tweeting for their services? You will find sponsors on SponsoredTweets, who will pay you a decent amount for tweeting about their products and services. You need to just ensure that your tweets are catchy and engaging.


Crowdsourcing refers to the practice of soliciting contributions and ideas from a large community or group. Twitter is a popular social networking platform which helps in obtaining contributions from the followers, which is needed to fund the idea or a business. Plenty of money can be made from Crowdsourcing if done in an appropriate manner.

Sell Products

Many businesses don’t really get that people wouldn’t purchase anything until and unless an action is called for. You can use Twitter to sell your products effectively. Use discount and promotions as a strategy to compel people to purchase your products. Daily deals offer a plenty of success to many businesses. You need to make sure that your Twitter feed features pushy selling strategies.

Discover leads

You can look for potential customers by utilizing the fantastic search engine tool offered by Twitter. For instance, if you sell skateboards, then you can look for potential customers by looking for terms that would link you to your customer. You can directly offer them deals and promotions.

Run a contest on Twitter

People get engaged in things when there is a prize attached to it. You can link with local businesses that are looking for some kind of publicity. You can give out an offer regarding contesting on Twitter and get a share of sales percentage coming in. You can indulge in creative and fun ways to make your contest much enticing.

Twitter plays an integral role in any campaign pertaining to social media marketing. Twitter is a very powerful platform which can prove out to be profitable if used appropriately. You can blog on various topics pertaining to interesting fields that would grab the attention of the users. You can even link the tweets to interesting stuff from over the globe where your followers would derive something valuable. Money can be made in a similar fashion like people derive from blogs. Sponsored links, affiliate marketing and selling advertisements are a few ways with which money can be made on Twitter as well. If used in an appropriate manner, Twitter can help you earn a lot of money.