How to Get Jobs in London without Experience

The fine city of London is not called a goldmine of opportunities for no reason. This city was the hub of the Industrial Revolution after all, from where it spread all over the world and transformed it to the buzzing beehive of occupations that it is today. That is the reason why most people do not stay jobless for long in London. If you know where to look, you can easily get appropriate jobs here even if you do not have much experience to boast of.


There are many small and large firms spread all across London that are willing to take up novices under their wings. These new recruits are taken on as apprentices where they learn on the job. The payment for the initial couple of months might be low, but it still it is reasonable for the efforts put in. Soon, when the person is trained in the particular job, the payment increases and the job may even become permanent.

These jobs are of all kinds — part time, full-time, weekend work, evening jobs, or holiday jobs. They include both skilled and unskilled jobs. Most of them are assistant jobs in teaching, medical care, private practices, etc. or jobs such as servers, cashiers, receptionists, auto mechanics, pharmacists, and so on. People who have a talent for writing could also try for jobs as content writers, editors, proofreaders, and such. All that is required is the requisite knowledge of the particular task, and even that improves as the person moves on with the job.

Rates are different for different jobs. Initially, one must not expect a very high payment. That is the price one has to pay for having no experience. But that situation can be soon rectified as London is quite a welcoming city for newbies who want to try their hand out at something new.

Students are the best candidates for such no-experience jobs in London. Most Londoners begin their professional lives earlier, even while they are still studying. The flexibility of work hours allow them to work as well as keep studying. Some of the companies especially look for such students as they work for lower salaries and also because they bring in their youthful zeal and energy into the jobs that they take up.

To look for a job with no experience in London, you could just conduct a brief search on the Internet. You will see several job portals and the jobs they have to offer. These keep changing on a daily basis, so you should keep looking often. Be a member of a few of these websites. Once you do that, you will be sent details in your email or as a text message. Details such as salaries and work hours are mentioned as well.

Even if you are new to London, you should be able to find a job within a week of starting to apply. The important point is to get started, for every minute that you are not looking, you are probably missing out on an interesting opportunity.

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