How to Work as a Virtual Assistant

The concept of virtual assistants, or VAs as they are called, was introduced at the turn of the millennium. The initial popularity was only among homemakers, seniors, out-of-work people, disabled persons, and such. However, today this trend has caught on immensely, with thousands of people giving up their day jobs each year to work at home as virtual assistants.


By definition, a virtual assistant is a person who helps someone with their business, with the only contact between them being a computer and the Internet. There is a broad spectrum of jobs that VAs can do. They can handle admin jobs, keep accounts, do writing and editing related jobs, handle calls, and so much more. As technology improves, the abilities of virtual assistants are also expanding. The money is good too, which is a great incentive for the people who are making the shift from desk jobs to work-at-home assistant jobs.

If you plan to get into this world too, these are some tips to help you begin:-

Build a Website

A website is one of the first things you need to build. Your website should reflect your talents. It should contain a place where you can speak about your past work (without breaching employee confidentiality) and put up the testimonials you have received. You could start with a simple blog-based website built using WordPress and then graduate to something more customized to your needs.

Create a LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is different from other social networks, because it only deals with professional profiles. It is a good place to put up your resume and start building your profile. But, the best thing about it is that it will allow you to network with other people in your professional sphere. By connecting with the right people, you will be able to build a network where you can get your initial leads from.

Be Active on Social Media

Do not ignore the power of Facebook and Twitter as well. These two are very different platforms, but they both help you to gain visibility for yourself and your talents. Facebook allows you to create a professional page as well, where you can connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. On Twitter, you can post tweets with appropriate hashtags, which can garner some quick attention.

Be at Your Professional Best

Have a photo session done and get some good pictures of yourself to put up on various social platforms. Get some business cards printed, and get a dedicated phone number if possible. Create a professional email id that’s different from your personal one. Every small thing matters.

Put the Word Out

Do not undermine the power of the real world too. Speak about your business with people you know. It is most likely that you will get your initial contacts from your friends and family.

These things are usually enough to get you started as a virtual assistant. But, like in everything else, your dedication towards the job you take up matters the most.