Increment your sales with smart Video Marketing

Can the Use of Video Marketing Actually Boost Your Sales?

In 2018, the vast majority of internet users claimed to have watched online video content each month. In some countries, the percentage of people consuming online video content monthly ranged between 91-95 percent In some countries, the percentage of people consuming online video content monthly ranged between 91-95 percent. When promoting your business online, using text and simple images is no longer sufficient. In addition to these elements, videos are one of the best ways to engage your audience. Whether you create a video about a new product launch, show how to use a new product, or have a live Q&A on Facebook about your service offerings, there are unlimited ways to use this medium. However, can the use of video marketing actually boost your sales?

Videos can help your business get discovered

If you are a new business, or if you are looking to increase brand awareness, video marketing is one of the key ways to get discovered. The latest studies show that this kind of marketing can increase awareness of a brand by 54 percent. In addition to making people aware of your services and products, videos have been proven to be extremely effective in acquiring leads across industries. When surveyed, 74 percent of B2B marketing professionals have said that videos convert better than any other type of content that they use. After you’ve started to leverage this form of marketing, there are always new ways to enhance your results. Once your business is on YouTube, you can take your marketing efforts even further by boosting your YouTube channel’s SEO ranking.

The use of video is now king over the use of images

At the beginning of brands using social media for marketing, text-only posts were acceptable. However, this quickly changed, as it was discovered that text and images combined generated the highest post engagement rates. Now, things have changed again. Survey after survey has shown that people engage more with videos posted on social media than any other type of content. In fact, the majority of respondents have said that they want to see more video content from the brands that they follow. Above and beyond anything else that could be posted, videos are the preferred content across industries.

Your competitors are gaining an advantage with video marketing

An estimated 87 percent of all businesses use video content as part of their marketing strategy. In the last few years, this number has sharply increased. In fact, just two years ago in 2017, only 63 percent were using video marketing. In addition to the benefits that have already been mentioned, one of the biggest reasons that so many companies are using videos is overall consumer engagement. Forbes recently published a study saying that individuals spend 88 percent more time on a brand’s website if they have videos posted.


Across studies and surveys, the numbers clearly show that video marketing can significantly boost your sales. In the years ahead, video marketing is only set to become more popular. If you haven’t done so already, begin assessing the ways that you can use videos in your brand’s marketing strategy.