Google certifications – how to get them and how it will help to your career

What are the best ways to promote your Google certificate? 

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine on the internet. But, is it just a device for finding information?And, what is the point in achieving Google certification?

Google is one of the top Four Multinational technology companies that take part in services and products related to the internet. There are more than 200 million searches on Google every hour. The search engine is only one part of the company’s involvement on the internet. Advertising technologies, a cloud computing software, and hardware are all essential aspects of the company. Google is, therefore, used in one form or another by most companies worldwide.     

By using Google services, it is possible to engage and interact with a large potential market effectively and rapidly. This ability is a huge benefit to companies if they are aware of how Google works. Companies, therefore, need people with the relevant skills to use Google products. Google has academies that allow you to master various its areas and eventually achieve a Google Certificate.                                   

What are the best ways to promote your Google certificate?                                                                                     

Since Google became indispensable to many companies, there are excellent employment opportunities for anyone with the relevant abilities. With Google certification, you can demonstrate your skills to the companies. Once you become a Google certified, LinkedIn will, for sure, become a highly valuable resource for employment or your career advancement.  It is particularly useful for Professional Freelance workers who can promote their Google proficiency to anyone that may be searching for people to work on a particular project.

Google Ads certification

The Google Ads certification allows you to confirm a certain level of ability in digital advertising. Google considers will consider you proficient in basic or advanced Google Ads that qualifies you for the official accreditation. It is necessary to register as a Google Partner, which allows you access to online courses to reach Certification. The courses include:

Google Ads Fundamentals
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Video Advertising
Shopping Advertising

Google Developers Certification

By claiming the necessary skills in various development areas, you can be awarded with the developer’s certificate.  The development covers a range of specific area that uses different platforms and systems. The development areas are divided into:
Associate Android Developer: The exam consists of a coding project and an exit interview.

Mobile Web Specialist: this Certification assesses skills in developing for the mobile web, writing code, and to create offline-first experiences and analyze an app’s performance as well as debug asynchronous functions across multi-platforms.

Professional Cloud Architect: to pass the exam you should show an ability to design and manage a cloud solution infrastructure considering security compliance and optimization for technical and corporate processes.

Associate Cloud Engineer requires a demonstration of the ability to deploy, check, and support apps and cloud projects on the Google cloud platform, using the Cloud Platform Console and the command-line interface to perform various tasks.

Professional Data Engineer must prove proficiency in designing and building systems for data-processing and creating machine-learning models on the Google Cloud Platform as well as data monitoring and analyzing skills.

Google Analytics certification

Google analytics is the most popular platform for analyzing data. Online course on this element covers all areas of setting up the Google Analytic Console. It explains to you how to use its features to analyze the big data by tracking flash, video, and social network presence. The course outlines the techniques of the console configuration to highlight the required data, to enable an assessment of efficiency and plan future campaigns.