Rights for people with disabilities in the Europe

The European nation promises to promote inclusion of the disabled people that is in terms with the EU human rights that approaches to various other issues related to the disabilities. This disability factor should be displayed throughout as it is a matter of disabilities and is not something that is discreet. This is also agreed to be a part of the UNCRPD or the UN Convention on the rights of the people with disabilities. This act was adopted or taken into consideration in the year 2010. The disability plan was also taken into consideration from 2004 till 2010. There are a total of 8 areas of priority zones that must be taken into consideration including:


Accessibility – making of goods and services available to people with disabilities to promote devices that are assistive in nature.

Participation – make sure all the disabled people enjoys all the benefits of the European nation and their citizenship, they should remove all barriers and make participation equal in public life and fun activities.

Equality – fighting discrimination that are totally based on being disabled and be able to promote opportunities that are equal for everyone including the disabled.

Employment – every disabled person should get an equal opportunity to in the labour market. They provide equal access to free and quality education, an education that can be done long time. This helps the disabled learn better. They represent at least one sixth of EU overall working age population, but employment rates are cheaper.

Education and training – they provide education that will last long learning from students with disabilities. There is equal and free access to disabled people for them to take part in their society and improve their life significantly. The EU Commission has been able to launch many educational opportunities and initiatives for the disabled.

Social protection – you can promote or advertise about decent and cleaner living conditions. You must have the courage to fight off poverty and exclusion from society.

Health – This helps in promotion of equal access to related facilities and also for health services that has access to disabled people.

External action – through this you could promote rights of the people who are actually disabled. This helps in EU enlargement and develops international programs for the disabled.

This EU Commission also is encouraging the Academic network of European Disability experts. Those are known to provide commission with the analysis of various natural situations, data and policies. The academy is also known to provide online tool that will lay out the overviews of the major instruments in various member states and Europe that is needed together for its implementation of UNCRPD. The tool creation has led to the option and actions foreseen through the list of actions that were known to follow the European Disability strategy.

The European Union is working hard on relieving some policies that will help the disabled people in a big way. One should be more careful against discrimination and how the disabled people are treated.