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5 Hints for Writing a Resume When You’re Just out of College

You must be very excited to finish college and explore the corporate world, and as you may have guessed, the first thing that will come in handy to you after graduating from college is to write your resume qualitatively. You must be eager to immerse yourself in a work environment to apply the skills acquired in school. Well, there’s a lot involved, but we got you covered. Like it or not, the first thing you need a fresh, catchy resume, even though you may have little work experience so far. If you’re always wondering why you didn’t get that job interview or why you weren’t selected for a particular program, then wonder no more. If you are worried about the unemployment rate and how it may affect you, it is noteworthy to know that the unemployment rate for graduates with a bachelor’s degree is 4% lesser than the average nationally ... Read More

The Main Differences in Writing a Resume and Cover Letter in the US and EU

Maybe you’re a professional wanting to try something new and find a job somewhere outside your country. Or maybe you’re a fresh graduate looking for a job or a person willing to improve their resume and cover letter writing skills. It might sound surprising but you’ll need to know the difference between the US and EU resume and cover letter writing either way. In the first case, it’ll help you target your resume to the right audience. In the second one, it will allow you to understand what articles to pay attention to. After all, you wouldn’t want to use tips that work for the EU but don’t work for the US if you’re looking for a job in the US. The job vacancy rate in the euro area (EA-19) was 1.9% in the second quarter of this year, according to the recent data. So it’s no wonder that you ... Read More

Tips on writing a successful curriculum vitae: Europass and standard CV

Having a professional CV, with a clean design and well-ordered relevant information, is crucial nowadays. Recruiters spend only about ten seconds scanning a resume, so it is essential that it makes a great first impression. The main goal is to stand out from other participants and to let recruiters quickly get an idea of who you are, what your skills are and why you are the right person for the job you are applying for. A recent survey in the UK has shown that the key aspects in a CV are: working history that makes sense; qualifications, skill set and competencies; brief description of achievements; clean, easily readable format. Writing a successful CV is easy once you know how. Avoiding spelling and grammar errors, having a professional e-mail address, like name.lastname@gmail.com, and having a LinkedIn profile that matches your CV, with a good looking professional photograph as profile picture, will definitely help. Another ... Read More

Tips and Examples for Your CV’s Hobbies and Interests

Should I include a hobbies and interests section in my CV? Read More