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Russia blocks LinkedIn, here is a letter sent by the professional social network to its users

Linkedin in Russia has more than 6.000.000 users but these days Roskomnadzor, a Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications has confirmed a recent statement: it ordered Russian providers to block a domain Linkedin.com, making it inaccessible on all devices in the Russian territory. Why is Russia blocking Linkedin? A Russian law (fairly recent, having been enacted in 2014) states, that the data of Russian citizens should be treated on servers physically located in Russian territory. LinkedIn doesn't respect it and continues to manage user data in Dublin in Ireland (the data controller for all concerned outside the US) on mainly Americans server. In the same situation are other giants such as Facebook and Twitter, while Google and other 1500 international companies (according to the Russian government statements) have respected it. What happens now? LinkedIn has lodged an appeal but it was ... Read More