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The Best Cities in the UK to Live and Work

Many people planning to live and work in the UK dream of a life in London. While the metropolitan capital offers a wealth of job opportunities and cultural attractions, it’s far from the only option. In fact, London ranks just 36th out of 39 UK cities in the 2016 Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index. These findings are important as the factors measured in the report include job security, average salary, work-life balance, affordable housing, and quality of transportation. With these factors in mind, what cities should you consider before you make the big move to the UK? 1. Reading/Bracknell Topping the Good Growth for Cities Index, Reading/Bracknell is an excellent location for UK jobseekers. Situated just 30 miles west of central London, Reading and Bracknell are actually two large neighbouring towns with a combined population of approximately 300,000. Reading’s average salary of £32,292 is the third-highest in the country, according to ... Read More