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Working on Oil Rigs and Platforms

Education Needed Working on an oil rig is pretty much working on a facility that is constantly at sea. The education requirements for a position, depends on the job that the person is doing. There are safety positions that require extensive training on safety procedures as well as engineers that require a college degree as well. There are also medics that require medical training and captains who need their license to run the ship itself. Positions There are numerous positions found on an oil rig and platform. There are many jobs needed to ensure that the production of the rig runs smoothly and safely. Some of the jobs are: Floor men Drillers and their assistants Roustabouts Crane operators Rig mechanics Barge engineers Electricians and welders Captains Medics Geologists Security Safety managers Other specialty jobs Areas There are many areas in the world that employ workers for an oil rig and ... Read More