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Unemployment in the EU regions Unemployment rates fell in the majority of the EU regions in 2014

Rates ranged from 2.5% in Praha and Oberbayern to 34.8% in Andalucía Just over half of the NUTS 2 regions1 of the European Union (EU) recorded a decrease of at least 0.5 percentage points5 in their regional unemployment rate3 in 2014 compared with 2013. However, regional unemployment rates continued to vary widely across the EU regions in 2014, with the lowest rates recorded in the regions of Praha in the Czech Republic and Oberbayern in Germany (both 2.5%), followed by Tübingen, Oberpfalz, Niederbayern and Unterfranken (all situated in Germany and all below 3.0%). At the opposite end of the scale, the highest unemployment rates were registered in five Spanish regions: Andalucía (34.8%), Canarias (32.4%), Ceuta (31.9%), Extremadura (29.8%) and Castilla-la Mancha (29.0%). These data3 on regional unemployment, compiled on the basis of the EU Labour Force Survey, are published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. A dedicated ... Read More

How can you apply in Coca Cola UK?

Coca Cola Company is one of the most famous international companies which have its headquarters located in the Atlantic city of Georgia. This Coca Cola organization is an American multinational company which deals with manufacturing, retailing and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages. The name of the organization comes from “Coca Cola” which is the flagship product of this company and this same product made this company famous all across the globe. The formula of the beverage ‘Coca Cola’ was made first by a person named John .S. Pemberton, who was a pharmacist by profession, in Columbus, which is in Georgia. Later on, a person named Asa Griggs Candler, in the year 1889, bought both the formula of Coca Cola and the brand. (more…) Read More

How To Prepare For Performance Reviews

We are always paid for our hard work and sincere efforts and this is sure to be achieved by whoever is prompt and active in his or her work. Right from a young age we are exposed to various examinations and reviews. In the school days, your success would be measured in terms of a report card. But in corporate life, the success is measured in terms of performance reviews that usually takes place from time to time as per the policy of the company. Performance reviews take place at the right time as per the decision of the corporate. It is very important because on this basis, your bonus, increment, promotion and such other benefits would be decided. Performance reviews would decide where you stand in your career and this is the reason it is considered to be very important. It also lets you know the various scopes for ... Read More

How to Work on A Cruise Ship

Working Time When working on a cruise ship the hours that are worked depend mainly on the type of job the person is working. For instance, if you work for housekeeping you will normally work in the morning to clean rooms. If you work for entertainment it will probably be in the evening when the shows are seen on cruise ships. There are no set times on a cruise ship either. They fluctuate constantly and are jobs that require work 7 days a week. (more…) Read More

How to find a job in USA (for EU people)

As per the statistics provided by the Eurostat the unemployment rate in EU countries has increased from 10 percent last year to 11.1 percent. In the same period the unemployment rate in US has become slightly better and has come to 16.1 percent from that of 17.2 percent last year. Therefore more and more people from the EU countries are looking forward to find a job in US. But most people who search for a job in US have to face numerous hurdles. They have to overcome the requirements of various government requirements besides the communication gap and educational discrepancies. Documents needed for getting a US job Passport and Visa The first set of document required to enter US for a job is to present a passport and a valid visa issued by a US Consular Office unless the applicant is a citizen of a country eligible for Visa Waiver. ... Read More

Working on Oil Rigs and Platforms

Education Needed Working on an oil rig is pretty much working on a facility that is constantly at sea. The education requirements for a position, depends on the job that the person is doing. There are safety positions that require extensive training on safety procedures as well as engineers that require a college degree as well. There are also medics that require medical training and captains who need their license to run the ship itself. Positions There are numerous positions found on an oil rig and platform. There are many jobs needed to ensure that the production of the rig runs smoothly and safely. Some of the jobs are: Floor men Drillers and their assistants Roustabouts Crane operators Rig mechanics Barge engineers Electricians and welders Captains Medics Geologists Security Safety managers Other specialty jobs Areas There are many areas in the world that employ workers for an oil rig and ... Read More