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How can you apply for Tesco in UK?

Have you heard about this company Tesco PLC? Sure you have… who haven’t? Tesco PLC is one of the world’s topmost companies dealing with grocery as well as general merchandise retailing in the United Kingdom. Tesco is a British MNC which was founded by Jack Cohen in the year 1919. This British multinational company has its headquarters in Cheshunt which is located in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire is a place in England, UK. Tesco stands in the second position as the world’s second biggest retailing company if measured in terms of profits and revenue, the first being Walmart. This company has its stores spread over in twelve countries which include Europe, North America and Asia. While discussing about the existing grocery market Tesco stands as the unmatched leader, owning thirty percentage of the UK market share. Tesco grocery markets are placed in Thailand, Malaysia and the Republic of Ireland. Types of stores ... Read More