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Want to act in TV commercials? Here’s how to get started

Getting yourself a job filming a TV commercial pays well, goes a long way in terms of connections and exposure and can open doors to bigger roles and lead to a host of promising career opportunities. All serious aspiring thespians get their feet wet in TV commercials. And you do not necessarily need to be model-level hot to star in adverts. Commercial agents and casting directors are always looking for new faces and actors of all ages, shapes, sizes, looks and nationalities to help brands promote their products. You might spend months auditioning to land your first gig, but, hey, can you imagine the delight of seeing yourself advertising Palmolive in the middle of The Big Bang Theory? Here are a couple of tips on how to get started. 1. Take acting classes You do not need to be a professional actor with well-honed acting skills to audition for an advert, ... Read More