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Planning to expand to the UK? Join the GREAT Competition to win a tailored incubation program

Web Summit is a unique event with a huge networking potential for startups, where a strong will of investors to be a part of new business ideas can be seen. The conference is also hosting several national and international government organizations, that want to show their full support to entrepreneurship in several ways. The Contest GREAT Competition launched by Colt, supported by UK Department for International Trade, and addressed to the start ups of Portugal, the hosting country of Web Summit, is one of those ways. Well, if you are a Portuguese start-up you can get your dreams off the ground with a four-month period of incubation in the UK. The GREAT Competition organized by the Department for International Trade (DIT) and COLT Technology Services on occasion of the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, the largest technology conference on the planet, could provide you with this and much more. Interested? ... Read More

How to Find a Temporary Job for Christmas in the UK?

Advertisements for temporary Christmas jobs spring up during early autumn/late summer. Do you wish to secure a temporary seasonal job this holiday season? Read on if you wish to gain some cash and also work experience that would carry a value this Christmas. You would be surprised to know that Christmas vacancies are advertised by many employers quite early in the year. The peak season to look for staff is the onset of autumn. This is done to train the fresh seasonal recruits appropriately to get the task done. Kinds of Christmas jobs available this season: Weekend customer services coordinator Temporary sales advisers Seasonal team members Catering assistants Delivery jobs Temporary receptionists Christmas Pickers/Packers You can secure temporary Christmas jobs with these employers Temporary Sales Adviser: Debenhams Christmas is an exciting and busy time for Debenhams, In order to impart the customers an exceptional service during the holiday seasons, extra ... Read More