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How to Work as a Virtual Assistant

The concept of virtual assistants, or VAs as they are called, was introduced at the turn of the millennium. The initial popularity was only among homemakers, seniors, out-of-work people, disabled persons, and such. However, today this trend has caught on immensely, with thousands of people giving up their day jobs each year to work at home as virtual assistants. By definition, a virtual assistant is a person who helps someone with their business, with the only contact between them being a computer and the Internet. There is a broad spectrum of jobs that VAs can do. They can handle admin jobs, keep accounts, do writing and editing related jobs, handle calls, and so much more. As technology improves, the abilities of virtual assistants are also expanding. The money is good too, which is a great incentive for the people who are making the shift from desk jobs to work-at-home assistant ... Read More