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How to find a job in USA (for EU people)

As per the statistics provided by the Eurostat the unemployment rate in EU countries has increased from 10 percent last year to 11.1 percent. In the same period the unemployment rate in US has become slightly better and has come to 16.1 percent from that of 17.2 percent last year. Therefore more and more people from the EU countries are looking forward to find a job in US. But most people who search for a job in US have to face numerous hurdles. They have to overcome the requirements of various government requirements besides the communication gap and educational discrepancies. Documents needed for getting a US job Passport and Visa The first set of document required to enter US for a job is to present a passport and a valid visa issued by a US Consular Office unless the applicant is a citizen of a country eligible for Visa Waiver. ... Read More