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Can Working from Home Increase your Productivity?

Getting on with your job should not be a constant battle but in many workplaces, it feels like the case. With everything from political discussion to discussions about weekend escapades getting in the way of real work, perhaps working remotely is a better option. Working from home allows people to get away from all these distractions, so they can get on with their actual job. It’s even becoming a lot more common. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting in 2015 that 24 percent of employed people did some, or all, of their work at home. This even includes traditionally office-based jobs such as those in management, business and financial operations, as 38 percent of people in these occupations did all, or some, of their work from home, too. How Working From Home Can Raise Your Productivity One positive of working remotely is the chance to work in environments that are a little ... Read More